Internal/Commercial Development

Non–intrusive Flowmeter

The need for tracking water usage in a cost effective manner is increasing throughout the world as water resources vs demand becomes increasingly strained. TMT is developing thermal based, non-intrusive flow metering technology to provide necessary measurements without placing measurement hardware in the flow where there is potential for debris.

Flow Meter in use Flow Meter displayed on grass

Pulsating Heat Pipes (PHP)

Pulsating heat pipes are receiving increased attention in the thermal community due to the straight forward hardware fabrication and reduced impacts to imperfections such as non-condensable gases as compared to other heat pipe technologies. Operation of the PHP occurs when rapid pulsations of liquid/vapor slugs are initiated in a series of connected capillary tubes between an evaporator and condenser section (see figure below). These tubes may be closed loop or open ended. If conditions are right in a closed loop PHP, the fluid will pulsate and circulate around a closed loop system to transport even more heat. Pulsating heat pipes require a temperature differential to create the potential to drive the operation but can transport a significant quantity of heat depending on the fluid, temperature, number of tube loops, tube diameter, and length. TMT is evaluating several room temperature PHPs to determine proper applications and to assess performance correlations. Examples of PHP applications include aerospace deployment, electronics cooling and energy storage.

PHP Prototype PHP Flow Diagram PHP temperature over time