Design and Analysis

Using our suite of analysis capabilities, TMT can provide customers with an evaluation of their hardware designs and provide recommendations for improvement based on the objective of the project. Analysis capabilities include basic principles, finite element modeling, structural, and thermal analysis. Our engineers can also help analyze test conditions and test hardware for qualification tests.


TMT has the capabilities to analyze structures and components. Typical analyses include: static loads, pressure, normal modes, and thermal loads tests. We also have the capability to perform composite and random vibration analyses.

Spacecraft Panel Dynamic Analysis Package Stress Analysis Composite Panel Analysis


Our engineers have been designing thermal systems and components for many years and have the capability and tools to provide thermal analysis of components and systems. Analysis capabilities include basic principles, finite difference modeling, fluids modeling, electronics cooling, and finite element modeling analyses.

Condensor Analysis CubeSat Analysis Fin Heat Sink Optimization Spacecraft Panel Dynamic Analysis Fan-cooled Flow Analysis