Welcome to Thermal Management Technologies

TMT is a small business focused on providing engineering, research, development, and hardware solutions to a wide range of customers. Company experience includes thermal systems, mechanical design, fluids, cryogenics, composite fabrication, spacecraft thermal/mechanical hardware, spacecraft systems, industrial processes, system engineering, and management. TMT projects range from new technology research and development to engineering, analysis, and fabrication support. As a small business we are personal with client needs and focus on our customer’s success.

NEW! TMT releases fact sheet for Gecko Release Mechanism. View it here.

Research and Development

TMT is actively involved in research and development of new technologies and hardware applications. Vehicles for R&D include internal funding, SBIR, and cooperative agreements with other companies. See how TMT can support your product development.


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Custom Products

Products developed by TMT provide solutions to various industries from one–of–a–kind space hardware to standard laboratory test thermal straps. Contact us to see how our products may be used or adapted to fit your needs.

As an innovative engineering research and development company, TMT is extremely talented in providing a wide range of design, analysis, and hardware solutions for use in space, commercial industry, military, and industrial processes.

The team at TMT is highly qualified with decades of successful experience and continues to push the boundaries of creativity and the accepted standards of excellence in engineering processes.

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